Great Givendale - How to get there

It was Sunday the 10 February 2008 when I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning. I had been waiting for such a morning as this for the last couple of weeks so that I could feast my eyes on some of the earliest of our spring flowers; snowdrops & aconites. I attended the 9:15 am service at Clifton Parish Church; the worship songs and sermon were wonderful. After the service, I asked a few of my friends 'where is a good walk to see snowdrops?' John suggested Settrington, and Monica and Harry suggested Great Givendale.

I chose Great Givendale because it was a bit closer, and by 11:00 am my picnic was packed and I was on my way. From York, I followed the A166 towards Driffield taking the second right after the top of Garrowby Hill.

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