My Baptism - Arrival at Hollybush

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So here we are gathered by the river at Hollybush. It's a lovely rural setting and the river is about a ten minute walk through the campsite and across a field. It was a beautiful sunny day with a moderate breeze.

On your left is my dear friend Rev. David Casswell - vicar of Clifton Parish, Next is Howard - another good friend who I met through the church, and my dear friend Martha is on your right.

All the photographs at Hollybush were taken by Libby and Richard to whom I am eternally grateful.

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As I recall, seventeen people were baptised that day, and with all the friends and family that had come along to give support, it made for quite a happy crowd.

Those being baptised were both male and female of all ages from early teens to quite old, I think I was probably the eldest.

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Here you see me looking quite worried, with David just behind me, and even in side-view the smile on his face is clearly visible.


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