Days 6 to 11 - 12/06/15 to 17/06/15 - Around the campsite near Oliveira do Hospital

It turned out that the site was owned and run by a Dane called Youst, and his German wife Connie, they both spoke good English and were very pleasant and helpful.

I will be staying here for seven nights and have three agents to see in the area next week.

Read more about the campsite here

On day 8 the rain and thunder seemed to have gone, so I decided to go for a walk. At the farthest point from the campsite the sky suddenly turned very black, the thunder and rain was amazing, water poured down the road where I was walking and I was absolutely drenched including underpants and socks. When I got back Connie seemed to find it very funny!

For the first few days the weather continues to be quite cool, 18 in the shade, although the thunderstorms now seem to have gone away.

If you plug in and use the electricity, you are on trust to let them know and are charged 2.5 E a day extra.

Most evenings Youst puts on a typical Danish meal. This is a communal event, one example being pork casserole with chips and copious salad with second helpings at 10E and red wine at 0.5E a glass.

Many of the campers are Dutch. I find them to be a warm and friendly people and most speak some English, they are keen to engage in conversation both to tell their story and to hear mine.

Almost every evening someone asks me to join them at their table. One Dutch couple were newly retired and had been touring in their caravan since March with no fixed plan when to return home. He had been a university lecturer teaching electronics and control theory and he had visited York University many years ago, so we had lots to talk about. Another Dutch couple worked in care for the disabled. A young English couple with a 6 month old baby live about 100 miles south of here and are looking to buy a property in this area where they can develop their own campsite which his wife would run. He would continue to work from home as a freelance website designer, he said that Portugal was terribly short of good web site designers and that he had plenty of work coming in. He was hoping to expand his business by taking on perhaps a couple of Portuguese kids and train them up.

And so it went on.

By midweek the weather has turned much warmer.

Most of the vegetation in the north also grows here, but in addition there are more exotic plants.

Youst & Connie's horse.

Orange tree.

Olive tree.

They also have a number of little chalets available as holiday rents.

Youst & Connie’s dog. This is an Estrela – Portuguese Mountain Dog, a breed I am told is native to Portugal, I saw one in the north with a head nearly on a level with my chest but unfortunately did not have my camera handy. They seem to be a gentle loving breed, a bit like a German Shepherd but bigger, more stocky and a thicker coat.

Read more about the Estrela here

Estrela (Portuguese Mountain Dog) and black Lab at play 1

Estrela (Portuguese Mountain Dog) and black Lab at play 2

On four of the days at the Oliveira do Hospital campsite I commuted to different locations to meet agents and look at properties. Click the links to read about these:

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