Day 5 - 11/06/15 - Chaves to Oliveira do Hospital

The plan today was to drive a South Easterly route taking three days to explore the Douro Valley and doing one night camps along the way (see map link) But it didnít work out like that, somehow I completely missed the Ďbig riverí and the most spectacular scenery, finding out later that I should have made a detour at Miranda do Douro. I decided not to back-track but rather press on to Oliveira do Hospital, this made it another long day but I gained three days on my schedule and found a lovely campsite. Funny how Godís plans always seem to work out better than mine!

A cactus in the layby where I stopped for lunch

I had the GPS location for a campsite just outside Oliveira do Hospital but when TomTom got me there, there seemed to be nothing! Then I spotted a little campsite sign nailed to a tree, this led me a few hundred metres down a dirt road. First impressions were not good and I was about to get back in the car, turn around and swiftly move on, when an elderly gentleman appeared, he spoke quite good English, and explained that his son ran the campsite but at this moment he was taking a shower. Then his 13 year old grandson appeared, he spoke perfect English, and they offered to show me around Ė It was absolutely perfect, I could not have wished for better.

Map - Chaves to Oliveira do Hospital

My detour to explore the Douro Valley made the distance travelled today well over twice the more direct route.


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