Day 3 - 09/06/15 - Chaves area viewing properties with Francisco

Francisco came to meet me at the campsite reception at 9am. He is the owner of three properties that he will show me today. We will travel in his car and the round trip will be about 75kM (47 miles)

The first property is near the town of Frioes in region of Valpacos and comprises three ruined mills about 100 metres apart along a river in a deep valley. He is asking 21,000E for all three. Adjacent to one mill is a foundation with a half built house on it, and I could have this one mill and house foundation for 8,000E – This would be the best option for me.

His estimate to build a small new house on the existing foundation (all electrics and plumbing) would not exceed 30,000E. Bulldozer/machine 30E / hour for a day to improve access. He would need two months to sort out the papers for building a house on the existing footprint. The papers for the mills/land are already in order. NEVER buy a property or land without papers. The Notary is responsible for ensuring that there are no bad debts associated with a property.

It was a 2kM hike along a dirt road to get to this property, so I would need a 4x4 if I went ahead but I don’t think I will.

The second property was in the village of Cevivas. It is a small two bedroom house (vila Pouca deAguiar) recently renovated by Francisco, fully furnished ready to move into (would benefit from having the windows and doors up grading to double glazed aluminium frames with ‘wood’ film and extra thermal insulation in roof. His asking price of 76,000E, seems expensive compared with the new build of 30,000E mentioned earlier. There is a possibility of a watermill ruin near bye for perhaps 3,000E if the owner will sell it?

As is often the case, the house and garden are enclosed by a secure wall and gate – This is a view of the enclosure.

Francisco does a bit of maintenance while I take pictures.

This is a view of the street from the house to the village, the village has about twelve inhabitants.

Looking down the valley towards the mill.

Francisco’s car.

Francisco’s seven month old boxer dog named Butcher.

This is the third property, a ruined watermill for which Francisco is asking 21.000E. It is in the most remote location, has the biggest river and access is along a 400 metre dirt road and a bridge that is no longer there!

It’s all very beautiful but I think a step too far for me!

Can you spot the mill? There it is!

Now there’s an interesting little fellow.

Francisco was more like a friend than someone selling a house. We spent all day driving and walking together along with Butcher. We had a morning coffee, a simple lunch with wine, and a late afternoon beer. He showed me a roman gold mine that used paid Portuguese workers, not slaves. Unfortunately I had left my camera in the car. We got back to my campsite at around 7:30, wet, tired, dirty and ready for a shower. The day had been quite hot with thunder storms, rain and sunshine.

Map - Aproximation of where Francisco took me


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