Day 13 to 36 - 19/06/15 to 12/07/15 - Figueiro dos Vinhos and places nearby - A wonderful time!

Well, Iíve now been camping at Quinta da Fonte for 24 days (25 nights) itís been a wonderful experience and has provided plenty of time for thinking and reaching conclusions.

For me, Portugal is a wonderful country, the scenery is beautiful, it is far from over crowded, roads are good and at times almost free of traffic. The people are warm hearted, friendly and helpful but the language is difficult. Many of the people I met were very poor but they were generous and happy to share everything, even with strangers. The North is nice but I found the central regions even better, and of the central regions I liked Figueiro dos Vinhos the most.

Almost every day the sky has been clear blue, a bit of cloud on some days and a few days a refreshing breeze. The temperature has ranged from 20 to 35 in the shade, typically 25 which is nice.

I have learnt a lot, in particular: Never judge a person on first appearance.

Click the links to follow the story of the last 24 days at and around Figueiro dos Vinhos:

Quinta da Fonte

Picnic at the waterfall

The lake

Figueiro dos Vinhos and the fiesta

Rampumps, fruit trees and friends

Swimming with dragonflies

The Telhada property

Speeches -The last evening at Quinta da Fonte

I plan to start my return journey north on Monday 13 July.


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