Day 13 to 19 - 19/06/15 to 25/06/15 - Figueiro dos Vinhos, Quinta da Fonte & the surrounding area

Quinta da Fonte is where I will be camping during my time at Figueiro dos Vinhos. To get there you drive to the tiny village of Carapinhal on the outskirts of Figueiro dos Vinhos. Drive through the village and the paved road becomes a dirt road, follow this for a little over a mile and you'r there!

Quinta da Fonte is the home of two Dutch ladies, Lied and Jo. They bought the quinta some ten years ago and have worked very hard to make it a most charming place. They continue to work hard to run it with the help of volunteers, typically two at a time over lapping and staying for two to four weeks. There are several rooms in the house for paying guests, the camping facility, a dining area where fantastic meals are provided, a prolific vegetable garden, and much more.

You will see as this story unfolds, that Lied and Jo have become very good friends to me.

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Meet Lied and Jo here

So I have just three more properties to view and will commute to these from this campsite. Click the links to read about them:

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Portugal Day 19 - 25/06/15 - Coimbra

I have now looked at all the properties that I lined up before leaving the UK. It has been a hectic time and several other leads have come my way while traveling, but I'm done looking! I will now be concentrating all my attention on the property Alex and I found in Telhada just outside Figueiro dos Vinhos back in 2012. Of all the ones I've viewed, this is the only one for me, I will NOT be considering any others, even if this one falls through! Since arriving in Figueiro dos Vinhos, I've visited the Telhada property almost every day for a picnic lunch by the waterfall, it's such a peaceful spot.


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