The Conservatory Construction

It was in January 2011 that I submitted a House Holder Enquiry to the City Of York Council and was given approval to go ahead with my proposed conservatory.

Having spent the best part of five years thinking about it, I finally procured a few quotes and started the work in December 2015.

Now, in October 2016, it's still a 'work in progress' but its coming together fast, I am delighted with it and know that it will give me great joy and happiness.

This is where it will be built, picture taken back in 2011. It was a bit of a wasted space and an area for junk to collect.

By October 2015 I had cleared the area and the shed has gone to a good home found on York Freecycle, but the old fence is still to be removed.

View looking from the back of the house.

View looking from the front of the house.

Work has started!

Some 14 cubic metres of clay-soil, weighing over 20 tons, was removed over a period of two days.

View looking from front of house.

I had been a little worried about a couple of things: Would the hole fill up with water, would the sides cave in before we got the foundations built, and would we hit any drains, water pipes etc. Well thatís three things but I need not have worried, we had no such problems. God is good!

View looking from back of house.

The drive was a mess before we started, but look at it now!

View looking from the front of the house.

The foundation work is now well under way.

View looking from the back of the house.

Gary who built the foundations and base and Paul who erected the conservatory have now finshed their work and are gone. I'm well started on relaying the front drive, reusing the same paving slabs plus some of the ones that were down the side of the house where the conservatory now is.

And the wether is beautiful. God is good!

After about 6 days of hard work the drive was finished but I still need to put some new gravel down the side of Ken's drive.

Dan admires the front enterance.

For the flower bed drainage, about a ton of rubble went in first, this was followed by about a ton of gravel, and then about 4.5 tons of compost. There was a lot of shoveling involved and Dan helped me with this - thanks Dan.

The floor grating is now installed - Provided by Minster Engineering of York. This covers two 1.5 cubic metre utility pits and a 4 cubic metre rainwater pond, the water plants and fish will come later.

I should have explained earlier: This is not what most people think of as a conservatory, itís more of a greenhouse for exotic plants. Its 7.5 metres long by 2.5 metres wide with a planting bed running the full length down both sides.

Conservatory manufacturers offer a variety of modern high-tech glass and roofing materials that block out ultraviolet light and keep in the heat Ė very good for humans but NOT suitable for plants! Light is very important for plants and if youíre interested in this, and want to know the best glass to use, you can read the study I did here

The planting this year has been very temporary, but has created a pleasant working environment as the work has been ongoing. Next spring (2017) will see it all come together with some wonderful plants. I will call it Rod's Garden of Eden, or Rod's answer to the glass houses of Kew Gardens!

Sally donated this shrub, after about 10pm (its now October) the perfume of its blossom is exquisite and fills the whole conservatory. I must find out its name.

This cheese plant came looking for a new home through York Free-cycle, it was in the house for a few months before the conservatory was ready to receive it, Dan and I named it 'Mr Monster'. It was in quite a poor state when it arrived but after some severe surgery and lots of TLC its now doing really well and clearly loves its new home.

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