Portugal - March 2013

The reason for coming to Portugal this time was to look again at the property that Alex and I found on our previous trip last September. In addition I wanted to look at the villa immediately adjacent to the first property to access them both as a single project to renovate as a holiday home and site for my waterwheel project. Secondly, even if the properties are suitable, I need to spend some time on site to decide if I really should be going ahead with this project.

It was a good flight from Leeds-Bradford to Faro and there was no problem with the hire car pickup. Its now Thursday afternoonand I have just driven about 70kM West along the Algarve and will be spending Thursday & Friday night at Alvor in David's apartment. The temperature is a pleasant 16 to 20 degrees centigrade.

It's now Friday evening and I have just returned from Portimao about 15 minutes drive away. There I had an excellent 2 1/2 hour meeting with Arneldo Pinto the lawyer that David recommended. I learnt more about long-term use of cars in Portugal and buying property than I have from books and the Internet over the last two years. He was really helpful and if I go ahead with this project, I will most certainly use his services for conveyance and other affairs in Portugal.

Arriving at David's Apartment

The view of the garden from the apartment balcony

Dear David, I can't thank you enough for your kindness in letting me have the use of your apartment. Rod


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