Llanes 7-8 October 2012

For our last two nights in Spain we returned to the costal campsite near Llanes. Llanes is a really nice and lively town with lots of restraunts and night life, and it is quite handy being only about 80kM West of Santander.

When we were last here in August the campsite was packed, but now in stark contrast it was almost empty and very much nicer.

Mushrooms seemed to be growing everywhere in Asturia, and I cooked a pan full on our last day.

The swimming on our last two days in Spain was fantastic with surf that took your breath away!

So this is the end of a breif but truly amazing and enriching chapter of my life. The pictures and stories told on these pages are but a glimps of our amazing adventure, the places we saw and the people we met. There were times when I just did not have my camera ready at the right place and time, and there is so much more that could be written but it must remain deeply in Alex's and my memories for ever. Alex was a true friend and a wonderful companion on this adventure, we shared our dreams and his navigational and communication skills were a great help. Will we return to Portugal? Will we buy a property? Well that will be another story.

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