Arganil 16 - 20 September 2012

We are now back at the Arganil campsite for five days. While here we met up with old friends that we had made previously, had another day at the Gois river beach, met up with Diana and Steve to ask their advice about the Figero dos Vinhos property, and spent half a day with Diana looking at property in Benfeita.

A friend told Alex about a ruined mill just up the river from town so the next day we went and found it. Its the biggest mill we saw on the trip. Further enquiries around the neighbourhood revealed that there were probate complications and the mill was not yet in the hands of an estate agent.

When it does come onto the market it will probably fetch a high price because of its location just at the side of the road in a tourist area. There was some talk of it making a good restraunt.

Looking downstream from the dam the river runs towards Arganil.

Looking upstream from the dam the river is deeper and is used for boating and swimming in the holiday season.

Alex points out that the mill race is still fully working and has a very good flow.

View looking on the back of the mill from the river.


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