Penela 14 September 2012

By the 9th September we had done all we could regarding the property at Figero dos Vinhos, so we left Foz de Alge for a few days on the Atlantic coast. The plan was to follow a circular route back up to Arganil where we wanted another meeting with Diana and Steve. We would then circle back to Foz de Alge for a final look at the Figaro dos Vinhos property, have another meeting with Paul, and with the owner, and with the townhall planning department.

We were disapointed with the coast, it was quite busy, more expensive and the Atlantic was far too rough for swimming with red flags flying along the beaches. Never the less, we camped two nights at Nazare and then headed for Penela to meet a friend of a friend called Chris.

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Chris made us very welcome and we camped on one of his terraces free of charge for two nights. On the second night we were invited to a party at his house to meet some of his friends.

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Chris had made a lovely job of his house renovation and I was particularly taken by his composting toilet, outside shower and washing area.


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