Figueiro dos Vinhos 6 September 2012

This is the property that Paul introduced us to, and that we took very seriously and are still thinking about very seriously! It is in a very private and secluded location but only a few minutes drive from Figueiro dos Vinhos. Access is good down a steep single track cobbled road. Figueiro dos Vinhos is a pleasant little town with all the amenities needed. The surrounding area is mountainous, heavily wooded and very beautiful.

The waterfall at the bottom of the property.

The plan would be to clear out some of the trees and create a swimming pool at the foot of the waterfall.

There is plenty of water and some would be channelled away to feed a waterwheel.

Grapes are growing everywhere....

and they are good to eat.

The car parking area at the bottom of the cobbled road.

A concrete path then runs upwards along the side of the property. The existing ruin can be seen to the left of the path.

The plan would be to have a machine clear all the stone from the site and store it for future use on the terraces and for other jobs. A 120sqM concrete platform would then be built on concrete pillars on the site of the ruin. A 95sqM single story house would be built on the platform. The remainder of the platform would provide a balcony to the rear and at one end. A wooden trellis would be built over the balcony over which grapevines would be grown. The biggest problem is that a new build project such as this is working out at a lot more than my budget.

Three terraces with steps then lead steeply down to the stream and waterfall. The plan would be to clear and renovate these and plant them with peach and other fruit trees.

There are also two very small water mills in ruins on the bottom terrace at the opposite end to the waterfall.


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