Alvaiazere 5 September 2012

On leaving Avo we drove about 80kM South-West to the towm of Alvaiazere where we met our fourth agent Paul Stubbs. We stayed in a small hotel in Alvaiazere for two nights but we did not like the town very much although it was a nice hotel.

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We could not find a place to eat in town and there were no shops open. Then we remembered we had plenty of potatoes in the car so Alex cooked chips on the hotel balcony.

We had a guest, a lad from Denmark who was walking the 500kM cameno from Lisbon to Santiago. He was feeling very lonely and was glad to share our company and our beer!

The next evening Alex called from the balcony to say he could see a fire breaking out on the opposite side of the valley.

The speed at which it spread was quite amazing!

The sun turned red.

Helicopters were soon to arrive to drop their water bombs.

The wind turbines on the far ridge escaped the fire and kept turning as the sun set on this amazing sight.

Then the aircraft arrived with much bigger and better water bombs.

As darkness fell the Bombaros had done their job and apart from glowing embers, the fire was all but out.


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