Casa de Ferns 28 August 2012

We met our second agent, Richard Land of Gois Property who introduced us to this property located in the forest between Arganil and Gois.

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We quite fell in love with this place and it would have been an inexpensive project. The land and ruin are on sale at 8500E and the plan was to build a timber house (temporary structure) which we were told we could do without any planning permission. We spent a whole day there just planning and dreaming about what we could do.

This was to be our car park and turning area at the front of the property.

This is the dirt road down to the car park, only accessible with a 4x4.

We were going to call it "Casa de Ferns" (House of ferns) after all the beautiful ferns that grow in this shaded valley.

There are many different species, including the Royal Fern.

The house would look down on the stream.

Steps would lead up from the stream to the house. Grandpa was finding it difficult getting up and down so Alex constructed a temporary banister.

Scrub and small trees would be cleared before building the house here.

Our main worry was the lack of water in the stream, so the next day we decided to walk up the mountain to the head of the valley to find the springs that aledgedly fed the stream.

It was a hard, long, hot climb but....

the views from the top of the mountain were wonderful

We eventually found the springs, only to find that concrete tanks had been constructed and the bulk of the water was being piped away to a village on the other side of the moumtain.

Sadly we had to abandon this project and felt we had been badly let down by Richard. Either he knew and hadn't told us, or he didn't know, in which case he wasn't much good at his job.

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