Northern Portugal 18-24 August 2012

The day after meeting Mark we set off for Viana do Castelo on the Atlantic coast of Northern Portugal, it was a beautiful, scenic and mountainous journey through Spain but Viana was very busy being peak holiday season so we headed inland and found a nice campsite in the mountains where we stayed for five days to do some exploring and walking. We then went to the town of Chaves where we stayed in a small hotel for two nights. While in the North we did a lot of touring and saw some really spectacular scenery. There was a lovely river beach where we did some swimming and we also did some wild river simming. Got lost in the mountains, and got trapped in the middle of a huge goat heard in a tiny little village. Should have taken lots more pictures.

One day we set off to walk to some wind turbines but after an hour of walking we seemed to be no nearer, so we gave up.


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