Galicia (Northern Spain) 15-17 August 2012

We arrived in Santander around 1800 hours on the 15 August, and then followed a route through Northern Spain and eventually down into Northern Portugal. View map

The first night we camped on the coast about 12kM East of Llanes. The next day we drove to Guitiriz where we camped for two nights. We chose this campsite because it was only a short distance from Rabade where we were to meet our first contact - Mark Adkinson.

On the 17 August we met Mark at his home in the small town of Rabade. He was a most interesting and friendly character, we spent almost all of the day visiting places he wanted to show us and in the late afternoon we had lunch with him in his home. View Mark's website

The mill that Mark showed us was a very beautiful old stone building. We could buy it for 36000E and it would cost 8000E for a complete new roof and renovation of the walls. We could then do the interior conversion and renovation ourselves. Architect's plans for the project would be around 3500E.

The mill is in a very secluded location at the side of a lovely clear medium sized river. Access is by a long unsurfaced track, it was not difficult in Mark's 4x4, and half a days work with a machine, the access could be made suitable for my Ford Focus.

Alex on the bridge over the river, just below the mill.

The original mill machinery is still in place.

The mill can be seen through the trees. Some of the trees would need to be felled to let more sunlight in.

The dam to the right of the mill. Some repair work will be needed.


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