Kirbymoorside walk with Alex - 22 August 2008

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This walk was taken from the book: Exploring Lake Pickering
by John E Eckersley

Distance: 11.3 miles

Average speed (moving): 2.6 mph

Time (moving): 4 hr 22 min

Time (stopped): 2 hrs 40 min

Morning dull but ok. Rain all afternoon.

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Location 9-10: Took two photos of Alex in maize field.

Location 11-12: Lost the track and ended up at the top of a steep cliff so had to turn back, then soon found our way again.

Location 12: Had picnic lunch.

Location 14: The book said “at Appleton-Le-Moors look inside Christ Church to see the unusual apse” However, we did not know what an apse was, so we didn’t know what to look at but it was a nice church anyway.

Location 17: Rain started. Lost our way and had to walk back up the road to find the concealed style though the hedge.

Location 21: The book said “at Lastingham look at the historic crypt in St Mary’s Church” It was massive, semi-underground but welcoming and cosy with lots of candles burning, Alex lit one.

Location 39: Lost the track and had to walk back a short distance then we found it through some bushes.

Location 39-40: Bossy woman with lots of dogs told us we were on private land, and it would have been our fault and not her’s if her dogs had bitten us (what a load of rubbish) The two black Labradors that bounded up to us were very pleasant and glad to see us. We apologised and hastily moved on.

Location 47: The rain that started at 17, never really stopped until we were back in the car and on the road, by then it was around 6:00pm.

All in all it was a good walk but rather spoilt by the steady rain.

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